Ideas for Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany style lamps are very reminiscent of the mid-to-late 19th Century. During this time period, you could find tiffany lamps in homes of the upper class. These lamps are still a symbol of wealth, but they’re also more readily available to the middle class than they were in the early 19th Century.


Estacado Tiffany Table Lamp (85269)

What is a Tiffany Lamp?

Tiffany style lamps were created in New York by Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co, which is still recognized for making premier jewelry. Tiffany traveled all over the world, came back to the states and started working on glass and mosaics. Tiffany developed a glass making process that exposed hot glass to metallic oxides and fumes to create color. This technique makes what is now referred to as iridescent glass. To the glass novice, this means that he created stained glass.


Quoizel Hemingway Tiffany Table Lamp (F6402)

Tiffany made lamps using his new process. Tiffany lamps have all glass, multi-colored shades. In the 19th Century, these lamps were purchased by wealthy families who wanted to redecorate their homes. The majority of these lamps were created between 1895 and 1920 though it’s easy to find modern day knock offs.


Quoizel Bungalow Mission Tiffany Style Table Lamp (75607)

Real, genuine tiffany style lamps are extremely expensive. The knock offs can be expensive, but they’re much more affordable than the real thing. If you want to buy a real tiffany lamp, make sure to have the lamp authenticated by an antique dealer. To the untrained eye, an original lamp will look the same as a reproduction. You can tell right away if the lamp is a fake if it has a modern day design. Again, this is not a skill every buyer has, so protect your investment and get it approved by a dealer first.

Different Styles

Reproduction tiffany lamps can be used all over the house. You can find small lamps to complement your desk. You can find larger floor lamps that will light up an entire room in your home. Tiffany style lamps that act as chandlers are also popular for formal dining rooms. Buying a tiffany lamp, even a reproduction, will cost several hundred dollars so be prepared to open your wallet.


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