October 2019


Get the Desired Home Designs from Ming Architects

How do you make the most of your dream home building needs? You should rest assured that architecture firms Singapore would be your best bet. They would ensure that you get the desired designs for your dream home construction needs without burning a significant hole in your pocket.

The experience staff of the architecture firm would enable you to create the finest home or office in the Singapore region. You could contact them online or through call. They would have an initial discussion about your needs and desires in a home before they create a specific design suitable to your home and office needs.

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Interior 101: Creating The Right Table Décor For Thanksgiving Dinner!

Planning your annual thanksgiving dinner requires considerable effort. While the menu is definitely the highlight, there are also other aspects that matter. For instance, have you considered how you will style the dinner table? Table décor is something that guests pay attention to, and homeowners often spend time and effort to ensure that it remains a new experience every year, often by using diverse centerpieces. In this post, we are discussing all that you need to know for turning your table into a theme for thanksgiving.

Harvest look

Thanksgiving is all about harvest and celebrating the coming of winter, and in an attempt to achieve that, you have to include some elements that talk of the season. For instance, pumpkin and gourds are critical for a proper traditional décor, but you can add a twist to the tale by painting these objects into colors of your choice. Think of a blue pumpkin right at the center, surrounded by candles.

Add the warmth

Dinners for thanksgiving and fall are all about having a gala time, and some extra warmth can be handy. The décor should feel personal and seasonal at the same time. For instance, you can choose to add scented candles in all kinds of colors matched with candelabra in brass. Another great way of adding some extra warmth to the décor is by adding natural things, like dried flowers, wooden centerpieces and so on.

Metallic look is in

Another new trend on the block is metallic finish. From using simple shades of brass and copper for centerpieces, to creating a completely new theme in rose gold, the choices are more than many, and you can actually add more flowers, especially dried ones, to create a new mix. Colors and metallic finishes go hand in hand in contrast shades, and many online stores have ready collections that you can select from.

Say it with themes

From using baskets to organize the décor to using diverse kinds of smaller designer stuff in an assorted fashion, themes for thanksgiving can be as unique as you want. You can find collections that have different items, so you don’t have to throw away what you buy this year. Textures also have a dominant role in fall table décor, and therefore, go for a mix of flowers, leaves, and dried tree branches to make a new assortment.

Check online for stores that sell trend fall centerpieces!

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Create Your Dream Property with a Custom Home Builder

Are you split between buying your own home or building one from the ground up? Purchasing a readymade property has its advantages, but you don’t get to choose what way it is built or the type of materials that go into it. In contrast, a custom-built home gives you the opportunity to create a dream home from start to finish. If you are leaning towards the latter, you won’t be disappointed by its many benefits.

Complete Satisfaction

You could easily walk into a pre-made home and be happy with 99% of it, you’ll always find some part of the house that lets you down. This won’t happen if you use custom home builders in Brisbane to design a home that meets all of your expectations. You have the opportunity to work with skilled contractors who want to give you exactly what you need. You may come close with a pre-built home, but you’ll always find something that disappoints. Making that fault right usually costs time and additional money, so why bother. A custom designed home gives you complete personalisation, down to the smallest of detail.

Integrate Unique Features

During the planning and design phase, you have the opportunity to incorporate unique features into your home – this isn’t an option with pre-built homes. The whole point of building a custom-designed home is to put your own unique stamp on the place. You’ve paid a lot of money, so naturally it should reflect your personality, interests and preferences. You could go for stunning Hampton homes in Brisbane which include all kinds of original features such as a:

  • Home recording studio
  • Spiral staircase
  • Home bar
  • Kids playroom
  • Home office

When it comes to integrating unique features into your home, the list is almost endless.

Save Money

Many of us think that building our own custom-designed house will cost more than a pre-built – the opposite is true. If you get in touch with a custom home builder, you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save. Because you have more control over the project, you can choose what materials and features are used in each room. If you’d like a simple design and extravagance isn’t your thing, your builder can adapt to meet your requests.

Total Privacy

Privacy is important for most of us, we don’t want nosy neighbours peering in, keeping tabs on our every move. If you choose to build a custom-designed home, you have control over your level of privacy. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case when it comes to a pre-built unit. Customisation gives you the opportunity to implement key features that provide your property with the highest level of privacy.

If you are ready to design and build your own home, you’ll need to get in touch with a reputable custom home builder who can make your dreams come true. There are so many benefits to choosing a tailor-made property as opposed to a pre-built home, you just need to find the right contractor who will listen to your goals and overall vision.

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