October 20, 2021


The Best Pool Trends We Expect To See In The Future

Once you decide to construct a swimming pool, the next step is planning. The wide choices in construction materials, lighting, and landscaping can make the planning process difficult. The swimming pool is an expensive investment that stays with you for the long term. Renovating a swimming pool is difficult. It is necessary that you get the planning process right in the construction stage itself to avoid regrets later on.

The trends in swimming pool construction keep on changing. We give you some latest trends that will enable you to construct a trendy pool in your backyard.

Size matters

Traditionally, a large swimming pool was considered the mark of luxury. People have started realizing the drawbacks of constructing a large pool. A large pool will eat up most of the space in your backyard. You will also end up with lifelong maintenance expenses. A large pool is difficult to clean and costly to heat.

This explains the growing trend of small pools. Small pools are easier to clean and heat.

Fibreglass pools are so easy to brush that you can do it yourself. Small pools leave plenty of space for other features like an outdoor kitchen, bar, seating area etc. Fibreglass pools are available in many shapes and sizes suitable for various backyards. Small pools have a slick look.

Shallow pool

How many of us use our pools for diving? Not many. Unless you intend to use your pool for diving, building a shallow pool makes sense. Shallow pools are safe for all age groups. They are also easy to clean and heat. Shallow pools incur fewer excavation costs during the construction stage.

Shallow pools require less water. They are ideal for sports and exercises. These are some reasons that shallow pools are gaining in popularity.

Seating in the pool

Pool parties are becoming trendy. They are more popular in summer. A pool is being recognized as an entertainment venue. People love to hang around near the pool or inside the pool. Lounging in the pool with a good book on a hot summer day sounds like bliss.

This makes pool ledges or bars more important. Large Fibreglass Pools come with pre-fitted ledges and steps at no extra cost. You can place loungers or other seating furniture in the pool. This seating arrangement is helpful during pool parties and family gatherings. They can also help parents to supervise their kids or senior citizens to rest between laps.

Strong colored pools

Mention pool and the color blue comes to your mind. For the longest time, white and blue were associated with the pool. Some people even found dark-colored pools repulsive. But now the trend is changing. The younger generation is choosing dark-toned pools.

Dark-colored pools have some benefits – they keep the water warm by retaining sunlight. They also hide minute dust and debris. Combined with the right landscape, dark-colored pools can make your backyard look warm and inviting. Dark-colored pools are suitable for tropical-themed backyards as well as modern houses. Fibreglass pools are available in a variety of dark shades.

Pool lighting

Lighting is necessary to keep the pool area safe. Halogen lights consume more energy and have a shorter lifespan. But the arrival of LED lights has changed the pool lighting scene. LED lights last longer and consume less energy. They can be programmed, and they are available in an array of colors. Putting different colored LED lights can give a mesmerizing effect to the pool. It can also change the color of the pool water. Lighting can also be used to differentiate between the deep end and shallow end of the pool. There are plenty of options in lights like floodlights, floating lights, flush-mounted lights and surface mounted lights. A well-lit pool can be calming to look at even when you are not using it.

Plants and natural elements

Adding plants to landscaping has many benefits. Plants like sage, lavender, mint, rosemary and basil have pest repellent qualities. They also give out a nice aroma in your pool area. Plants can also give privacy and shade to your poolside. Adding rocks and woods will give your backyard a rustic aura.

Water features

Water features can drastically alter the look of your pool. You have a wide choice between bubblers, rain curtains, sconces, scuppers and water walls. Water features can have a calming sound. A well-lit water feature gives the pool an exquisite appearance.

Fire pits

Fire pits are another trendy option. Fire pits can be portable or fixed. They can be customized or ready-made. They are available in a variety of materials like steel, stone, wood, concrete, etc. You can select one according to your budget. Adding dried herbs like sage, rosemary leaves in the fire pit will keep pests away from your pool area.

Fire pits can be built inside the pool, in the seating area or near the pool. The combination of fire and water gives a beautiful effect. Fire pits give warmth to your pool area.

Latest disinfecting systems

Traditionally, chlorine has been used to disinfect the pool. But chlorine has certain side effects. More and more people are moving away from using chlorine for sanitizing the pool. Saltwater chlorinators are gaining popularity due to the fresher water produced by them. Saltwater chlorinators work well with fibreglass pools. UV pool sanitation systems and Ozone pool system are some other systems which are in vogue.

Pool automation

Building a pool is easy. Maintaining it is the difficult part. Ignoring pool maintenance can make it unusable. This is where automation comes in. You can choose robotic pool cleaners for pool cleaning. You can fully automate your pool or choose automatic systems for pool monitoring or cleaning. Smart pool monitoring systems will scan your pool water quality and alert you about the need to add chemicals.

Installing a complete automation system will allow you to control the lighting, heating and cleaning of your pool through an app on your smartphone. Your pool builder will help you in selecting a system suitable to your budget and requirement.

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Backyard pool ideas on a budget

Most homeowners would like to have a swimming pool in their backyard. It allows them to have a great time relaxing in the pool with family. They can also organize pool parties and become popular socially. The main problem that most families face is with the budget. The common perception is that swimming pools are expensive. Many budget options are available to help people get a pool in their backyard. The article explores all these options.

Plan well

Planning is the key when you want a budget pool. With proper planning, you can make your dream come true. Here are some of the things you need to consider at the planning stage:

  • You need to look at the space available in the backyard. Depending on the space available, you can plan the right kind of swimming pool. The smallest type of pool is a plunge pool that can cost around $13,000 (2.4 m diameter). The cheapest pool is a container pool that may not look great but does its job.
  • In case there is no space, you need to work out if you can make space. This may be possible by shifting things. In case there is no space in the backyard, you can even make your pool in the front yard.
  • You can get swimming pools in any price range. The sky is the limit. This is why at the planning stage, you need to decide on a budget. Decide how much you can afford. You can also cut costs if needed, so you get your dream pool.
  • There are other things to consider at the planning stage. The sloping in your backyard is a factor. If your house is enclosed on all sides by the property, construction work can be a problem. If there are power cables nearby or water pipes, it makes the job even difficult. For each of these issues, there is a solution. You need to plan for it.
  • There are two main types of pools. An above the ground pool is the easiest one to fit. All it needs is concrete flooring or even a level surface. The pool is ready-made, and it would be brought and installed in your home. The other type of pool is on the ground. This looks better but is more expensive. You would need to excavate land for this. It costs time and money.
  • The best thing to do is to talk to a pool consultant/contractor. Ask them to carry out a site visit. Then based on their recommendations, you can make a decision.
  • Swimming pools come in different materials. The best option is fibreglass. These pools are ready-made and can be directly installed. Concrete pools, on the other hand, need to be constructed on-site. You also have vinyl pools that are cheap but difficult to maintain.
  • You also need to consider maintenance costs. Pools require a filtration system. The cost of buying the system and running costs should be kept in mind.

Decision time

Once the planning stage is done, you need to make a decision. Since the budget is known, you can now talk to contractors/vendors about rates. The initial planning would have helped you understand the expenses involved. You will also have decided on the type of pool for your home. Based on this, talk to different contractors. Get quotations from them. Ensure that the quotation covers all expenses, including installation, transport, etc. Compare the quotes and then choose one vendor. The vendor must be able to take approvals from local authorities.

Design ideas

There are different types of swimming pools with different shapes and sizes, small medium and Large Fibreglass Pools. The type and design you choose depend on how much space you have and your budget.

You can keep the following ideas in mind while designing the pool.

  • The plunge pool is the ideal option when you are looking for a budget pool. It is a pool that looks good, allows you to swim and relax, and does not cost too much.
  • An above the ground plunge pool is the cheapest option. In case you have a little more money, you can select a pool within the ground. This pool will enhance the look of your home and its value. It is a little more expensive, but the money would be worth it.
  • Plunge pools come in different sizes. The smallest would be 2.85 metres long and 2.1 metres wide. Large plunge pools would be 6.2 metres long and 3.39 metres wide. The depth of the pool would be around 1.2 to 1.7 metres at the deep end.
  • To make your budget pool look good you can surround it with landscaping. Simple arrangements like making a garden with shrubs enhance the appearance of the pool. It also gives you privacy from any nosy neighbors. If you already have landscaping, you can plan your pool around it.
  • If space is at a premium, you can even have the entry to the pool from the door of your home. This is a great idea to save space and allow you to directly enter the home.
  • A small deck near the pool will allow you to spend time relaxing. You can even use the deck to organize pool parties.
  • If space and budget are at a premium, you can opt for a spa pool (also known as spool). This is a small pool with limited space for swimming but has a spa for you to relax. This is a good option for people who want therapy to deal with problems like arthritis, body aches, etc.
  • If you have space horizontally, you can even consider a lap pool. This pool is around 10.34 metres long and 2.78 metres wide. This pool is ideal if you wish to practice swimming daily.

As you would have observed, there are many options available if you want a budget swimming pool. You need to consider the space available in your backyard, your budget, and your needs before deciding. You can contact a pool consultant or contractor to get more details.

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Cheap swimming pools-are they really worth it?

Have you been looking forward to setting up your own private swimming pool for sometime now? If true, then you would be one of many who would wish to own a pool. But most of us have no idea about its type, cost, and continued maintenance requirement. There are so many types of pools out there that it’s easy to be lost among options. The pool market has been growing rapidly over the years. In this article we look to provide a thorough understanding of pools and its associated features. Once through with the article, you would have a much better understanding of the pool market.

Private Swimming Pool – Are they a good idea?

Private swimming pool is a dream of many. Everybody likes to have their own personal pool to laze around in a summer afternoon. During the summers, as the average temperature increases every year, pools will be necessary in the future. However, the cost associated with installing and maintaining a swimming pool often deter people. The space is also another major concern for many households. Then comes many other aspects such as material used for construction, where to put up the pool and others.

Lets us discuss every aspect of swimming pools and understand how efficient a system and cost effective can it really be.

Before Buying A Pool

Before you set out to buy a pool, there are certain parameters of pools that should be understood. As you don’t buy pools every and once installed, they will be part of your space for years, here are some aspects one needs to be mindful about.

1) Size Determines Costs – The size is a major determinant of pool costs. So larger the pool size, the higher its costs. Larger pools also cost more to manufacture, transport and install. The maintenance cost implied with large pool size is higher as the filtering system, cleaning system and water intake are more by default.

2) Material Used For Manufacturing – Materials formulate the next base cost for a pool. Once the size is determined, the cost of raw material would reflect the overall cost. There are a variety of options when it comes to raw materials. Plastic pools are the cheapest option available out there, but they are not built to last long. fibreglass is an efficient option popular nowadays. Other materials would include concrete.

3) Design Feature – The design of the pool also determines its final cost. Simple rectangle designs with no added features are the most cost effective options. As more elements like steps, Jacuzzi, slopes and slides are included in the design, the cost of pools increases.

4) In Ground vs Above Ground – There are basically two types of pools. Ones that are dug into the ground and above the ground pools. The type of pool would reflect directly to the installation cost of the pool. Usually, above ground pools cost less to install as they are placed atop a concrete slab. The installation are significantly less when compared with in ground pools. In ground pools need to installed into a dug out space. The labor cost adds to the overall cost of in ground pools.

5) Site of the Pool – The location of the pool site is another major cost implication. Where your pool will be installed would reflect the effort behind transport and installation. Open pools in ground level are cheaper to install. More custom designs like terrace pools or infinity pools are expensive as their installation costs rise.

How To Choose Your Type Of Pool?

Now that we understood the different aspects involved in installing a swimming pool, we need to analyze it with our situation. Before setting forth to buy your dream pool, make a list of conditions that’s applicable to your case.

1) Choose Your Site Well – In Ground or Above ground, that would be a major choice. So choose a site best suited to your need. If you space is tight, you can opt for in-ground as it doesn’t eat into existing space.

2) Choose Your Size based on the number of people expected to use the pool. You don’t want your pool to get cramped for space when everybody in the family decides to use it together.

3) Plan Your Maintenance costs well in advance. As maintenance costs will be incurred every month, plan them in advance. Pools require regular cleaning and re-surfacing work after certain intervals. This need to be considered into your costs.

4) Choose a design best suited to your size. Customized designs work well for personal indoor designs. If you have a special requirement of a kids pool, try to add them to your pool design. It can save lot of space and cost.

5) If cost is a major constraint, Small Fibreglass Pools would be the right choice. They are efficient, reliable and lasts a long time when properly maintained. We will discuss Fibreglass pools in detail below.

Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass pools have lately become popular among owners. They are not only cost effective, but with proper care can lasts for a lifetime. The companies that manufacture fibreglass pools would essentially construct a Fibreglass shell. The shell needs to be fixed onto a surface. The installation of fibreglass pools are relatively easier which reflects on to the cost element. The easy design and installation aspect of Fibreglass pools allows them to be fixed onto any type of surfaces like slopes, cliffs etc.

Fibreglass do not provide much customization option as they come pre-designed. However, buyers can choose from a wide plethora of design and shapes. So buyers have ample choices to decide from.

Features Of A Fibreglass Pool

  • Bacteria and Algae resistant surface
  • Easy to install
  • Low cost compared to concrete designs
  • Long lasting design, sturdy
  • Low Maintenance cost

The Fibreglass pools feature protection against bacteria and algae. So the pools does not require major cleaning and the need for resurfacing is also reduced. This overall reduces the maintenance burden for the buyers.

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