March 11, 2022

Decor Tips

Mark Roemer Oakland Examines Family-Friendly Decor Tips


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, kid-friendly home decor doesn’t have to be restrictive or challenging. Yes, it can be difficult to make the transition and adapt to a kid-friendly decor style, but it is important to create a family-friendly environment in your house when you have kids at home for their safety.

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few family-friendly decor tips that you can follow:

  1. Focus on child-friendly furniture – Using kid-friendly furniture is one of the most essential components of a family-friendly decor style. This means your house should not contain any furniture with sharp edges that can hurt your kids when they are playing or any fancy or upholstered chair or such furniture that they can destroy while playing.

We recommend you opt for a bench instead of a chair to allow your kids easy access to climbing. Otherwise, you can opt for lightweight dining chairs that are stackable and wipeable for easy moving and cleaning. Ottomans are a great alternative for a traditional coffee table since they offer a soft space for your children to sit and stand on and are large, lightweight, and safe.

Usually, it is better to choose furniture with neutral colors since such furniture blend better in family-friendly decor spaces. Plus, we highly recommend you choose furniture that has built-in storage options since you would need to store a lot of things and keep things as organized and clean as possible.

  1. Create ample space for allowing your kids to store their toys and supplies – Most Kids love to play with toys and colorful craft supplies and thus, need adequate space to store them. Storing colorful arts and crafts supplies in clear acrylic containers and placing them on top of shelves that are out of their reach is a good idea. Window seat toy storage, fabric baskets, and bins are also great for allowing them to store their favorite games or plush toys
  1. Create an open living room – Kids love to run around in the house even when you don’t permit them to do so. It is only natural, but it is also a cause for concern since they can get hurt when they get out of sight. An open living room space not only allows more space for your kids to roam around in the house but also allows you to monitor them for their safety easily when they are playing around in the living room.

Yes, it might not be possible to create an open living room, but you can at least shift around the furniture in the living room and even perhaps the dining space to create some room for your children to wander without fearing for their safety or any damage to the furniture.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you create a special corner in their room and decorate it with a special touch to allow them to feel a sense of wonder and warmth. For instance, you can decorate a shelf in a corner with special crafts or art projects that they have completed in the past or create a magnetic board to allow them to learn and practice spelling in a fun manner.

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