7 Essential Tips to Choose the Best Office Paint Colours

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We all know how wall colours significantly affect our mood and set the tone of a space. Thinking of sprucing your office and giving it a makeover in 2023? Choosing the right office wall colours is crucial as the right colour will boost productivity and inspire people to be creative. On the other hand, if you choose a dull and blah colour from a colour catalogue for your office walls then you will be signing yourself up for a total disaster.

Clueless about which colours to choose for your new office? Fret not, we have got your back. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing a hue for your office like – size and shape of the office, budget, natural light, purpose of your office and the mood you are aiming to achieve. Here are 7 handy tips that will help you choose the perfect hue for your new office.

Keep in mind the overall theme

This applies mostly to home offices. If you are choosing a colour for your home office from the colour catalogue, then it is advised that you keep in mind the overall colour scheme of your home interior to ensure that your office looks cohesive to the rest of the home.

Learn about the colour psychology

It is important to have some basic knowledge about colour psychology before you start your office painting work .  For example green and blue are great if you want your office to exude a calm and Zen vibe. Similarly if you want your place to look playful and fun, you can opt for vibrant hues like red, yellow and orange. It is believed that colours like blue, black, grey and white help people concentrate better.

Size of your office

The size of your office is an important factor to pay attention to before you start your office painting work. If you have a tiny office, then we would recommend you to go for lighter hues like pale yellow, white, ivory, mint, lilac and light pink as these colours will open up your space and make it look bigger. Similarly, if you have a massive office space and you want to make it look intimate and inviting, you can consider painting it in darker hues like forest green, black, teal and other saturated hues as it will shrink your space and make it look cosy.

Play with the saturation

Want to paint your office grey but not happy with a certain shade of grey? Instead of completely ditching the colour, you can instead play around with the saturation and brightness of the colour and try to find a shade that suits your office. Get in touch with the experts at Asian Paints to hire a paint contractor for your new office.

Observe the existing décor elements

Can’t think of a colour palette for your office? Look around and observe the décor elements in the room. We are talking about the curtains, desk, fireplace, piano, chairs, bookshelves and artwork. Pick out colour inspiration from these décor elements and accordingly decide on colours which will compliment these existing colours.

Look outside

When in doubt, look at nature. You can take inspiration for your office wall colours from the landscape outside your office. If your office is in a tropical area, then you can go for beachy hues like blue, yellow, aqua and green. Similarly, if the outside street has an old world charm to it, then you can consider going for rustic hues like red, brown and other warm neutrals for your office space.

Take into consideration at the temperature

If you want to warm up a space you must consider going for warmer colours like orange, red, yellow or peach. Do you want to cool down your office space? We recommend that you go for cooler hues like grey, blue, green, teal and turquoise.

Remember to choose a high quality and healthy paint for your office space. It is important that you choose an interior paint which has low VOCs so that your employees don’t have to worry about their health while they are trying their best to help you achieve your dream. Visit the Asian Paints website to hire a trustworthy paint contractor to transform your office.