A Great guide on Asphalt Paving Resurfacing. What are the benefits?

If you have asphalt paving at your place and it’s seen better days, you may be contemplating repairing or replacing it to bring it back to life. Have you considered resurfacing? In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about asphalt paving resurfacing to help you determine whether it’s a suitable solution for your pavement or not.

Understanding the differences between asphalt repairs, resurfacing and replacements

It’s important to understand what the different asphalt services are to be able to choose the most suitable option. We’ll explain the differences between the three.

Replacement – So, this one is self-explanatory. It’s the process of ripping up your old pavement and essentially starting again.

Repairing – Repairs are usually done to fix up problem areas such as potholes or cracks. The remaining pavement is usually in otherwise good condition.

Resurfacing – Is the process of installing a new layer of asphalt over an existing pavement. This is typically the go-to choice when the sub-grade is in sound condition, but the surface has worn or has oxidised.

Establishing the condition of your pavement

The biggest deciding factor when weighing up between a replacement, repair or resurfacing is the current condition of your pavement. If it has significantly deteriorated, a repair or resurfacing may be off the cards as the foundation is not suitable for relaying asphalt over it.

Benefits of resurfacing your asphalt pavement

Can be more cost-effective

In most instances, you could expect pavement resurfacing to be more cost-effective than an entire replacement. The process of resurfacing is significantly quicker than a replacement as the labour, equipment and materials needed is typically less. If your subgrade is still in good nick and you’re tossing up between a replacement or resurfacing, resurfacing can save you some money, and you’ll still get the same durability and lifespan.

More convenient

While paving contractors will aim to complete their installations in a timely manner, there is less involved with resurfacing than a replacement and therefore, the duration that you’ll have tradies at your home is minimised. This is more convenient, allowing you to enjoy your peace and quiet.

It can boost your curb appeal

Pavements that look worse for wear or are riddled with holes can make your property look unkempt. Laying fresh asphalt down can give your pavement a brand new and fresh look. This can help to boost your home or businesses curb appeal. If you are planning on selling, this is always a good thing.

Makes your home safer

There’s a good chance that the asphalt areas at your home are used to walk on as well as driving. Damaged asphalt can be a hazard, especially when the sun starts to go down. Resurfacing provides a smooth surface that is soft underfoot and safe.

Some common questions we get asked about resurfacing

How do I know if my subgrade is in good enough condition for resurfacing?

In most cases, the paving contractor will evaluate the condition of the subgrade by conducting core testing. They will also look for issues such as extensive damage or alligator cracks on the surface, as this may deem the pavement unsuitable for an overlay. From the testing and the inspection, they’ll be able to determine whether it’s suitable or not.

How long should an asphalt overlay last?

You can expect asphalt resurfacing to last for a good decade or so however, improper use and lack of maintenance may see it wear prematurely. The installation technique can also affect its longevity, so always ensure that you hire a reputable company to lay your asphalt to ensure it lasts.

Why should I choose resurfacing over a pothole repair?

Pothole repairs should only be done as a short-term remedy. It’s likely if you have one pothole, another will form in another area. This is because water has had the chance to get under the surface and into the subgrade material. Resurfacing gives the entire surface a new finish and is much more effective than having to continually get potholes repaired. Plus, it looks better.

Do I have to maintain my asphalt pavement?

The short answer? Yes. The most effective way to prevent your asphalt pavement from damage is by looking after it. Have a chat with your contractor about what you can be doing to extend the lifespan of your pavement. The less you have to resurface it, the less money it is for you. The good news is having an asphalt pavement doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time maintaining it, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. A quick sweep once a week will help to lift dirt and remove debris that has collected on it. While it may seem insignificant, if dirt and debris are left on the surface, and it is driven on, over time it can wear away at the asphalt. Always ensure you are following the maintenance guidelines as outlined by your contractor for the best results.

Always consult with a professional

It may be tempting to try and fix your asphalt pavement yourself but, it is a big job that requires a lot of planning and should always be left to the professionals. Here at Colossal Allies Asphalt, we cover everything asphalt and can help you to get your pavement looking brand new again. Contact us today for more information.