How to Update Your Home

The timing for a home improvement or upgrade project can never be suitable. If you spend more time at home and you’re able to get deliveries, do several DIY projects, and keep an eye on their progress, it means this is a good time to handle major home improvements.

At first, you might not know how and where to start. But with several ideas from the pros, you can get started. Some of the ideas most pros suggest include:

1.      Upgrade Appliances and Fixtures

Most old houses have dated brass or gold fixtures and hardware. You might be surprised by the difference when you upgrade fixtures and appliances.

There are unlimited options of styles and finishes, which may make your house look good and fresh. The best part is that the process is super easy – meaning it is something you may handle on your own.

2.      Update the Door

When updating your home, among the most important things to consider is how to renovate and increase the property’s value.

As you renovate your home, you also want to ensure the house’s security, functionality, and appearance. A perfect way to achieve this is to use iron doors San Diego to replace the outdated ones.

3.      Put New Window Treatments

Windows are usually overlooked most of the time. In fact, many homeowners struggle a lot to determine which kind of style will suit their home best, making them give up as well as leave their windows bare.

But here is the thing. Leaving all your windows at home bare will make you miss out on a spectacular layer of decorating.

You may opt for graphic and bold with geometric curtain panels. If you have run out of ideas, take a hint from different color schemes already in place.

4.      Lay a Stair Runner

Stairs are usually among the first things which your guests will see once they come to your home. So it would be a great idea to update your shabby treads with stylish stair runners.

This is also a perfect way to indulge in different colors. Make a great impact by choosing bold colored or striped runners.

5.      Consider Fireplace

If you inherited your grandma’s home, there is a brick fireplace installed inside. If this makes your home feel heavy and dark, consider painting the place to brighten up the entire space. Many individuals prefer painting their brick fireplaces, and it is one of the simplest projects to handle.

Alternatively, you can consider limewashing or whitewashing the bricks in order to brighten up the area and, at the same time, maintain its character.

It is recommendable to consider limewashed or whitewashed bricks for farmhouse and coastal home styles because there is a color variation. One of the best paints you can use for limewashing is Ramabio. You may buy it from stores, such as Home Depot.

Final Touches!

Although most individuals view homes for their practicalities and how they may serve them with their families, the home’s appearance is vital as well.

So if your home looks outdated, consider applying a fresh coat of paint, updating the fireplace, and upgrading some fixtures in the house.

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More or less obvious advantages of cabinets painting!

When astronaut Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon, he said the famous quote “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. Similarly, but at a completely different level, of course, kitchen cabinets painting can totally change their look, as well as a number of other aspects, which you will find out by reading this article further. In other words, you wouldn’t believe that such a small activity could have such a big impact, but the reality is that this process, which is not even that time-consuming, has numerous advantages, some more obvious than others.

  1. Giving the whole kitchen a new look. First of all, cabinets painting will give your whole kitchen a complete makeover. It’s enough to check the before & after pictures to see why you should opt for professional refurbishing, offered by companies such as Home & Business Services., in short, is a family-owned local company, operating since 2013 in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA, with only positive reviews from their clients, when it comes to professional cleaning, home maintenance, handyman services, and turnkey services. 
  1. Much cheaper than replacing the cabinets. As you would expect, cabinets painting is much cheaper, much quicker, and less inconvenient than replacing them altogether. Usually, this process can be done in a week or even a couple of days, compared to remodeling the whole kitchen, which can take up to 6 to 10 weeks (without considering the time it takes for contractors to be available). Furthermore, since cabinets are the most expensive items in the kitchen, painting instead of replacing them will save you a great deal of money. However, we recommend getting the job done with the help of highly-trained experts since the risk of them making a costly mistake is zero. 

  1. Improving your overall home value. The overall value of your house will also increase if you opt for cabinets painting before putting it on the market, for rent or sale. As the professionals say, kitchens sell homes and, well, dated kitchens don’t. Actually, refinishing the cabinets has a great return on investment, helping you sell or rent your property much faster. On the other hand, potential buyers will turn down houses with old and dirty cabinets, not only because they’re visually unappealing, but also because they mentally calculate how much it would cost to replace them. 
  1. Important health benefits. Last but not least, cabinets painting also has important health advantages. Since they’re in close proximity to your stove and sink, they’re prone to get covered in food particles and being exposed to moisture at most times of the day, suffering from more spatters and messes than any other cabinets in the house. In time, this can lead to the development of harmful molds and bacteria right where you store food items. In these conditions, it’s clear why you need to seek professional help to get rid of all these problems, both literally and figuratively, and enjoy a pleasant view in one of the rooms where you spend the most time.
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What are some questions to ask a window replacement company?


Windows and doors replacement, like many parts of home improvement, is something you don’t think about until there is a cracked window pane or increasing energy bills. When it is time to replace your windows, the limitless designs and functionalities accessible will most certainly overwhelm you.

That’s why finding a professional and experienced windows and doors replacement provider you can trust to give you sound guidance is vital.

We’ve developed a list of relevant questions to ask potential window and door replacement companies to assist you in your search.

Can you describe how your product works?

Many people believe that all windows and doors are roughly the same, but after doing some study, they quickly discover that windows and doors differ greatly in terms of appearance and features. Certain types of windows and doors are better suited to your home than others.

Consider the following elements of your windows and doors:

Security and safety

Ventilation and cleaning

Weather control

If you have tilt-and-turn windows, for example, washing the glass will be simple. Because of its superior locking system, casement windows will give you greater security.

Who is going to do the installation?

Also, find out who will be installing the windows from the company. Some contractors use in-house workers, while others use subcontractors. Is the person you’re chatting with merely a representative, or will they be performing the installation?

Is there a fee for your estimate?

You’ll almost certainly have to pay several different fees for your installation. Inquire with the installer about the cost of an estimate. If that’s the case, it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker, but it’s helpful to know ahead of time.

Could you show us some of your previous work?

Request to see some examples of previous projects, as well as direct references from previous clients, if possible. Professional window and door installers should be able to provide client references as well as images of their previous work. If you’re evaluating a contractor based on a recommendation from a neighbor or friend, check if you can take a closer look at their work.

When and how should I pay?

Finally, you’ll want to learn about the contractor’s payment terms, including the method of payment and the payment deadline. While these may appear to be minor issues, asking them now can help you avoid a potentially uncomfortable scenario later.

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Landscaping Ideas That Use Stones


You don’t need to have a desert landscape theme to use rocks and stones in your garden. With a bit of creativity, you can incorporate them in a vast number of ways. However, if you need to get stone or paved walkways, patio, and driveways for your property you can hire professionals to build it for you by searching for “paving companies near me”. Let’s check out a few interesting landscaping ideas with stones:

The Ideas

  1. Choose the right stones – Stones can be incorporated into any landscape as long as you choose the right variety. Different types of rocks and stones accompany different types of aesthetic tones as well. For instance, river rocks and beach pebbles add warmth while white marble chips can make shady areas in your garden appear brighter.

If you have a formal themed garden flat terracotta stone may not be right for you. However, they would perfectly complement a tropical setting. If you’re going for a minimalist theme, you can try out black lava rocks due to their subtle yet noticeable charm. You need to browse through thousands of photos of rockscapes online to figure out what would be the perfect fit for you.

  1. Replace mulch – Stones are much more expensive than mulch and that’s why this idea may seem ridiculous. However, stones and rocks have many advantages as a groundcover. Unlike mulch, durable stones would last you a lifetime. Moreover, you can customize the ground cover by choosing the right shade for stones. For instance, if you have deep-colored foliage, the light-colored stone ground cover would create a contrasting look.

You can also control the attention of visitors by cleverly arranging a groundcover made of stones. If you have a special specimen tree or an exotic shrub, you can highlight it by surrounding it with medium-sized river stones. This makes your prized tree or shrub look like a living sculpture. Moreover, rocks are more effective than mulch at discouraging weed growth. However, it’s best to install a weed barrier before laying down the stones.

  1. Back to the stone age – Everyone loves the Flintstones. The characters are still reenacted today on Halloween and people build all kinds of projects based on the show. You can also make Fred proud by building a stone fire pit and seating arrangement that looks right out of the stone age.

You can have a firepit made of medium-sized stones in the middle surrounded by large stone seats. To add contrast, you have a gravel or pebble base along with some brown mulch cover. If you need to add some bright colors, strategically plant small shrubs and plants around the stone seats.

  1. Xeriscape – With global warming and rising average daily temperatures xeriscaping has become a necessity instead of a niche hobby for environmentalists. However, you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics to save the environment or money on your water bill.

You can use stones for xeriscaping and reduce irrigation needs drastically. Stones allow water to quickly find its way down the soil and keep the roots moist. Moreover, they take most of the brunt of harsh sunlight and prevent water from evaporating from the soil due to high temperatures.

  1. Create walkways and walls – Pavers and bricks aren’t the only materials that can be used for walkways. You can also make walkways out of stones. While they have a high upfront cost, they require almost no maintenance, have high durability, and can be repaired with relative ease.

They also look much better than paver walkways and with time develop a unique character. If you live in a hilly area, you can also make retaining walls out of large stones and use smaller stones to separate your level lawn from the retaining wall. All of these elements create a medieval look that looks fantastic in a sloped property.

  1. Hold back the soil – With stones you can do a lot more than just walkways and walls on a sloped property. If you have a sloped backyard, you can use large flat rocks to build a terraced garden. Large stones hold back the soil till plants cover them and strengthen them with their roots. You can complement the dark brown soil and deep-colored foliage on plants with light-colored stones. Flat rocks can make a stable and sturdy wall without the need for cement or mortar.
  1. French drain – Good drainage is important to make sure that your home stays dry and free from mold. You can have a functional and pretty solution in the form of a French drain. Dig up the ground to lay slotted pipes and filter fabric. When it comes to adding gravel, you can get creative and make the French drain a visible landmark in your landscape instead of a hidden feature.

Instead of the usually cheap gravel to stop sand and mud from clogging the drain, use bright colored pebbles. Make the French drain come out under a patch of green in a bed of pebbles, and you have an attractive landscape feature that also plays a key role in keeping your home dry.

  1. Asian Garden design – You can also take inspiration from Asian gardens and use large steppingstones and rectangular slabs around your garden’s water features. Asian gardens make splendid use of rocks to add textures and provide durable groundcover. They need a lot of time, patience, and energy to set up.

However once set up they need little to no maintenance. You can also use rocks to grow moss in the dark and shaded parts of your landscape. However, it may not be suited for everyone since moss needs damp conditions for sustainable growth and requires plenty of water to stay bright green.


As you can see there are numerous ways to use stones in your landscape designs. They can be both functional and ornamental. On the other hand, if you need to get your patio, driveway, or walkway paved or repaired you can search for “paving companies near me” and hire professionals for the job.

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What Are The Eligibility Factors For Home Construction Loan

Home loans are primarily to purchase a house; however, not all people prefer the same reason. Some want to construct their dream house. It’s an excellent endeavour; however, the efforts and finances involved in building your dream house are significant, but in the end, it all makes sense.

If you are worried about finances, then you are at the right place. Here’s a guide on how you can manage your finances with a home construction loan.

What is a Home Construction Loan?

A home construction loan is typically structured to meet the needs of the borrowers looking to construct a house instead of buying a ready-made one. The main difference between a home loan and a home construction loan is the disbursal amount. While the home loan disburses the entire amount together, a home construction loan makes stage-wise disbursement of the loan amount. The disbursal is in installments accounting for the construction work progress.

This relieves the borrowers from managing a considerable sum of money as the loan amount is disbursed when requested per construction work needs. The interest is charged only on the disbursed amount and not on the entire sanctioned amount. As and when you use the funds, interest starts accruing.

Home Construction Loan Eligibility

Like home loans, home construction loans also involve specific eligibility criteria. Each financial institution has its set of eligibility criteria. These normally include:

  • Age: The applicant’s age should be between 24-65 years to avail of the home construction loan.
  • Experience: Home construction loans can be availed of by salaried and self-employed individuals. Salaried applicants must have a minimum work experience of 2 years, while self-employed applicants need a minimum of 3 years of work experience.
  • CIBIL Score: The CIBIL score is your credit history represented in 3 digits within a range of 300 to 900. CIBIL score depicts the creditworthiness and past credit performance of the applicant. A good CIBIL score, especially above 750, is paramount for the approval and sanction of the home construction loan.

Home Construction Loan Features

Following are some features that home construction loans encompass:

  • Shorter tenures: Home construction loan tenures are shorter compared to home loans. This is the prime reason that home construction loans often involve a higher amount of EMI than home loans. Therefore, it is always wise to use a home loan EMI calculator to calculate the EMI amount you will need to pay.
  • Documentation: While the essential documents are necessary, certain additional documents are required in case of a home construction loan. The following documentation is required for the same:
    • PAN Card.
    • Aadhaar Card.
    • Income Proof.
    • Residence Proof.
    • Bank Statement.
    • Plot Ownership Proof.
    • Legal authorization of plot from the local authority.
    • No Encumbrance Certificate of property.
    • Detailed Construction Plan.
    • Estimated Cost of Construction authorized by an architect, civil engineer, etc.
  • Pre-EMI payment clause: Some lenders may include a pre-EMI payment clause in your loan agreement requiring you to start paying pre-EMI payments before the actual amount gets disbursed. This pre-EMI payment consists of the interest component of your loan.

In a Nutshell

Home construction loans are one of the most effective ways to bring your dream true. While it is not the only option for constructing your house, it is the most beneficial, considering home loan interest rates that meet a borrower’s needs when building their dream house.

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Creative Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

The bathroom ceiling design has a huge impact on the overall bathroom design. Depending on your preferences, you can give it any look. There are many bathroom ceiling designs you can choose from. Make sure you choose a design that complements the overall appearance and enhances its appeal. For instance, adding more height to the ceiling in a small bathroom design will create the illusion of a larger space. Further, you can install various lighting features that will help to set the tone and mood of the space. If you are not sure about the bathroom ceiling design, here are a few creative bathroom ceiling ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 06 Opt for a skylight

If you are planning to give the bathroom ceiling a completely new look, you can consider opting for a skylight. Installing a skylight in your bathroom can change everything. Unlike traditional bathroom designs, modern bathrooms are a place where people can relax. It should have a very calm and peaceful ambiance so that people can rejuvenate themselves. Installing a skylight will help to create a very peaceful bathroom design that will wash away all your worries. This bathroom ceiling design will allow more natural light to enter indoors and make the space appear airier. Sit in your tub and enjoy the beautiful blue sky above you. Depending on your preferences, you can buy either one large or two smaller skylights.

02 of 06 Rope lighting

Using rope lighting around the trim in a vaulted ceiling can help to make your bathroom ceiling appear even taller. You can use this type of lighting for creating a beautiful soft glow in the bathroom. If you already have a vaulted ceiling, you do not have to make a lot of expenses as flexible LED strands are available in the market that can be easily installed, making it very convenient to give your bathroom ceiling a quick upgrade. If you further want to add to the visual interest, you can opt for the options that emit coloured light. You can change the colour using a remote.

03 of 06 Use wood for a rustic touch

If you do not want to opt for the staple white ceiling, you can use wood for creating a very rustic design in your bathroom. Wood-paneled ceilings and beams are a durable option and give your bathroom design a very posh and expensive look. One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is that a wooden ceiling adds more contrast to any light-coloured bathroom design. This helps to break the monotonous look in your bathroom. To match the wooden ceiling, you can opt for wooden flooring as well and place a few indoor plants, and give the bathroom design a very natural feel.

04 of 06 Wood slat ceilings

Installing a solid wooden ceiling can prove to be quite expensive. If you do not have the budget, you can consider opting for wood slat ceilings. Compared to solid wood, this is quite economical but has a very similar impact on your bathroom design. Further, you do not have to spend a lot of money for installation as well because skinny slats can be a DIY project. However, you have to be accurate while measuring and cutting them. Also, be careful while nailing them to attach them to the ceiling. Moreover, skinny slats are available in many colours and you can easily find an option that will complement your bathroom design.

05 of 06 Add height with the right colour

You can create the illusion of a larger bathroom by choosing the right colour. Paint the ceiling with a lighter colour as lighter colours reflect more light and make a space appear larger. Make sure you choose a light colour that matches the rest of the colours used in your bathroom design. Also, you can follow another trick to create the illusion of a larger space. Paint the ceiling and the upper parts of the walls the same colour so that they appear unified. This will help to make the bathroom appear more spacious.

06 of 06 Paint the ceiling black

If you want to add more drama to the small bathroom design, you can paint your bathroom ceiling with a bold colour like black. You can use even a black ceiling to make the bathroom appear larger as it hides the limits of the space. Similar to other bathroom designs, this idea will help to create a very peaceful and tranquil bathroom design where you can relax and unwind after a long and tiring day. A touch of black will certainly make it stand out from most bathroom ceiling designs. Make sure you choose other colours that complement the black ceiling.

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How To Start A House Remodeling Plan

Sure, the windows and doors of your home might look a little dusty or maybe a bit worn from time, but don’t fear! Your house isn’t going to fall down around you if they aren’t replaced. Here are five steps to renovating your windows and doors for a fresh new look on the outside of your house.

1. Create a budget

The first step in starting any remodel is creating a budget where you’ll plan out how much money will be given to each room/area/item that will need renovation. Write everything down exactly as it should be done, and this way you can prioritize which windows and doors need replacement more than others. This will also help you to stay within your budget because they can be expensive, so if you know that you won’t have enough money to replace them in every room in your house, then go ahead and cross out any windows or rooms that are less important than others.

2. Decide what windows/doors need replacement

Once you’ve created a budget for yourself, it’s time to sit down with the pencil and paper again. Using the information about how much each window should cost per square foot (or door based on the amount of material), compare this number against how much money you have to spend overall- if there is enough money left over after assigning budgets to all items in your list then go ahead and cross windows or rooms that you know you won’t be able to afford. If money is left in your budget then list out windows or doors that need replacement based on how much each item costs, from most expensive to least expensive.

3. Choose the material

The materials you select for your house will make a big difference in the overall look and longevity of your home, so be sure to sit down and consider all of your options. You can choose from many types: wood (external), fiberglass (external/inward), metal (external). Ask yourself what look you’re going for and how important exterior durability is to you. Also, decide whether or not you want something traditional like wood or more unique like fiberglass. Once you’ve thought about the look of your house and how long you want this project to last, then it’s time to select a material.

4. Hire a contractor/remodeler for installation

This is an important step because finding someone who has done work in your area before can save you money in the long run by making sure that they won’t cut corners when they put in your new windows or doors. You definitely don’t want them to use low-quality materials or try and talk you into anything else- after all, you paid good money for those windows and doors so you expect them to look nice and sit well!

5. Set a completion date

Remember that your windows and doors will probably take around 2 weeks to be installed, so if you already have a set budget for this renovation project then make sure you add 2 weeks onto the end of it to account for finishing touches and other work that may need to be done while the windows sit in their frame. If you don’t have a lot of money or time left over once all your work is finished, then go out and buy some cheap blinds.

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Some people adore pink, while others despise it, but there’s no denying that pink is a fascinating hue. But if you put it on a massive piece of furniture like a couch, you’ll have a lot more freedom to experiment with colour schemes other than brown, beige, and white. While decorating spaces is usually enjoyable, it can take on a new meaning with vivid colours.

These pink sofa decoration ideas might help you get started if you’re stuck on what to do with a different-coloured couch to spice up your living space.


Many people feel that you can learn a lot about their sense of style by simply seeing a family’s living room. For the most part, this is accurate because here is where you spend the majority of your time. If it’s time to unwind with family after a long day at work or meet up with friends on the weekend, the living room is where it’ll all take place.

Living rooms are places to unwind and let your hair down, whether you’re watching a web series binge or having drinks with friends. The design shouldn’t take away from that atmosphere. Modern living room décor may be enhanced in various ways; here are a few ideas you can use in your own house.


Using a matched palette, create a beautifully coherent decorating plan by combining pink with one additional, prominent accent colour. The dusky pink backdrop of this pink living room is offset with a burst of bright blue. The walls are painted a soft millennial pink to serve as the room’s focal point, while the sofa, furnishings, and artwork all include blue accents.

Both colours are used on a wallpapered feature wall to ensure the colour scheme is harmonious. To avoid detracting from the pink and blue colour scheme, choose soft golden sand-coloured materials.


Think about what you already have before you make a purchase. You may refresh your living area without spending a lot of money by refocusing the arrangement. As a result, instead of sticking with the traditional layout of your living room – coffee table in the middle, sofas like pink sofa and arranged as pushed against the walls, TV on one end – why not try something different, like pulling your furniture away from the wall; or using artwork as a focal point (instead of the TV); or even just clearing out some table to make the living room seem more significant.


Instead of showing photos and images, why not use a different format? To give a boho flair to a plain wall, use fabric wall hangings. All these complement your pink sofa if you keep it in the living room. They’re an easy and affordable solution to liven up a plain space. If you have a lovely bed cover lying around from when you last redecorated, you might be able to reuse it as a wall hanging.


Adding plants (it may be artificial or indoor natural plants) to your design arsenal with a pink sofa is a no-brainer. It really gives a modernise look to your living room. In other words, they liven up a room with their presence. You may find low-cost, high-quality greenery at the following locations: Ikea has a wide assortment and is affordable for anyone on a tight budget. To make it appear as if your space is overflowing with greenery, gather tiny plants together and place them at varying heights about the room.


A wall mural is an excellent way to decorate your living room on a budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of time glueing or painting a large-scale poster; plenty of ready-to-hang options are available. If you’re decorating a rental house, murals are a terrific way to avoid using wallpaper or paint because they aren’t relatively as permanent.


Okay, so it’s not a five-minute project, but it’s still a fantastic concept for a low-cost living room. Painting your flooring with light nude colour and the pink sofa is a simple weekend project that will not cost you much money but can radically transform the aesthetic of your home. If you’re daring enough, try out this living room’s black floors, which are huge right now.


While it may be a bold accent or a cosy neutral, light colour wall and floor colouring along with pink sofa are rapidly being acknowledged as a hue that can work in almost any setting. Even if it’s only one piece of furniture, it’s impressive to consider how many different types and settings one pink sofa can be seen throughout this article.

This set of pink couches with all the above ideas is an excellent example of how much fun it can be to use a bold colour on a massive piece of furniture. Other decor items like wall panels, flooring, cushions, painting, photo, and other wall hanging give your living room a fantastic and modern look. However, these decore items and ideas show how a place may be effective even if you don’t stick to the traditional white, beige, and tan colour scheme.

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Want an all-white wedding? Here is a great guide on how to embrace the minimalism trend!

Nothing says wedding quite like the colour white. Regardless of whether you want your dream day to have all the bells and whistles or something more laidback. An all-white theme can be used for virtually any style. Here’s how to embrace it and make the biggest impact with the least colour.

Break up the white

If the entirety of your wedding is a sea of white, it can be polarising and appear sterile. This is not what you want, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a white colour palette, it just means you need to be clever about using different shades, textures and incorporating small elements of another colour. For example, if the groom wants to wear a white suit, wearing white shoes, a white shirt, tie etc can all blur into one and doesn’t accentuate key elements of their outfit. Wherever you want to use white, consider what else you are going to add to it or use a different of white. Some popular ideas to break up the white include:

Gold accents – This can be through crockery, cutlery or in table arrangements and adds a touch of luxury.

Greenery – Pop of greenery complements white so well. Think flower arrangements, in your arbour or even having your wedding outdoors can break up the white.

Timber detailing – Another texture that pairs well with white is timber. It can help to soften the white and can be used as sparingly as you like. A timber arbour, name placements or even timber chairs are some of the many options available to you.

Choose different types of flowers for your bouquet

A bouquet full of white is stunning and screams wedding. Rather than sticking with one type of flower, you can add dimension and interest by including a variety of different flowers. Incorporating fresh flowers and dried ones is a great way to do this. Also, consider the overall look of your bouquet compared to the bridesmaids, you want yours to stand out, not blend in. Of course, you don’t have to do this, but if the overall colour for the big day is white and white alone, it can help to break up the often harshness of crisp white.

Pick out your wedding attire early on

If you’ve decided that you want your bridal party to be in all white like yourself, it’s a good idea to choose your wedding attire before the bridal parties. You want them to look lovely, but you also don’t want their outfits to be too similar or more elaborate than yours. You don’t want to have wedding photos that are hard to tell who’s the bride and groom because everyone looks the same.

Be clear about your expectations for the guest’s dress code

Do you want your guests in full white? If yes, you need to be specific about what you’d like your guests to wear because if you’re not, you can bet on the big day some will arrive with a white top and different coloured bottoms or vice versa. Be clear and give them plenty of notice to organise something to wear. That way, on the day, there isn’t one or two sticking out like sore thumbs because they didn’t fully understand your vision. Some things to address are the shade of white, can it be creams, beiges? The formality of the attire, is it smart casual or formal? The more details you give your guests, the more likely they are going to get it right. While it is your wedding, at the end of the day, you need to be ok with the fact that some people may not want to wear white, or they may not come to your wedding in white.

Do your research first

It’s one thing to have an idea in your head, it’s another to translate it to real life. Do plenty of research first before making any purchases. A great place to start is the internet. A search online will reveal thousands of ideas and ways you can play with an all-white wedding. Put together a vision board with fabric samples or pictures and use these to show your vendors. They will then get a gauge of what you want for your big day and help you recreate it. They can even offer friendly advice and suggestions on what may work and what might not.

Consider how all-white may affect your photos

If your dress is bright white, the chair you’re sitting on at the reception is bright white, and so is the table, you’re going to blend in, and this can affect how good your photos turn out. If you end up with photos that look stark, washed out or hard to decipher who is what and where this can negatively impact the number of good photos you get out of your day. While a good photographer can work lighting and angles, you’re going to get better photos when the white is offset with noticeable textures and different shades of colours.

If you have your heart set on an all-white wedding, we hope this post has given you some ideas on how to execute it well. Here at Florido Weddings, we are wedding photography and videography specialists, and there isn’t too much we haven’t seen. It’s your special day, and we can help capture your beautiful white wedding into lasting memories. Contact us for more information.

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Smashed Glass? Should you replace the glass or the entire window?

It’s not uncommon for glass to get smashed, whether it’s from a storm, cricket ball or something in between. Broken glass should never be left, but does just the glass panel alone have to be replaced or the entire window? In his post, we’ll answer this question and more to help you determine what kind of service you need to book when dealing with smashed glass at your place.

Glass replacement vs window replacement

Here are some things to look at when deciding whether only the glass needs to be replaced or the whole window.

The glass is broken, but the window frame is in otherwise good condition

If your window frames are in good working order and it’s only the smashed glass that needs replacing, then a glass replacement should be enough in this instance. This is much cheaper, and if the broken glass pane is old and outdated, this is a good opportunity to update it with quality glass. Quality glass offers numerous benefits, including limiting the amount of heat that transfers between the home and outside and blocking out harmful UV rays, which can cause fading and discolouration to furniture and carpet. The glazier will ensure there are no gaps between your existing frame and the new glass by installing weather stripping and caulking. This can put a stop to drafts and help to provide the best thermal protection. If your frame has seen better days, putting new glass in it will fix the cosmetic and safety element but, you may not fully prevent drafts or heat from transferring.

Before your glass got broken, it was showing signs of wear

It can be hard to recognise flaws in your glass when you are not sure what you’re looking for. There are some tell-tale signs that the quality of your glass is compromised. Some of these are drafts coming through the glass, condensation, and foggy looking windows. These problems may be caused by something as minor as broken seals or caulking or something more significant such as the window framing itself. To determine the cause, it’s best to call in a professional glazier, they can tell you exactly what’s creating the issue and how to fix it. If all your windows are like this, it is worth considering updating them all when you can. This can help to cut down on your quarterly energy bills and make your home more comfortable during the cold and warm seasons. Getting them all done at once can be more cost-effective than getting them done one at a time.

Common questions we get about smashed glass

Can you repair a smashed glass window?

No, a smashed window will need to be replaced.

Can I fix a smashed windowpane myself?

If the window has a small crack, yes you may be able to repair it yourself, however, this should only be a temporary measure until you can get it replaced. A smashed window is a different story. Large shards of glass pose a major safety risk, especially if it is old glass that does not meet current Australian standards. If you have safety glass and your window has been smashed, leaving it as-is will leave your home vulnerable to the elements as well as potential break and enters.

How long will it take to get someone to come out and fix my smashed window?

You’ll find that most glazing companies offer a 24/7 emergency glass service, and this allows you to contact them any time, day or night, and they will come out to replace your glass as soon as possible.

Benefits of updating both the glass and windows when needed

Lower energy costs

The biggest one, as mentioned, is the cost-saving benefits. Your heating and cooling works far better when you have quality glass and window fittings in place. It minimises the amount of heat that transfers through the glass, and therefore your heating and cooling doesn’t have to work for as long or hard to maintain a desired temperature within the home.

Can add value to your property

People are more earth-conscious than they’ve ever been, and quality windows can be a selling point to prospective home buyers and, in turn, make your home more valuable. Not only that, but modern-day fittings look more appealing and can boost your property’s curb appeal.

Makes your home safer

The harder your home is to break into, the less likely burglars are going to try to. Easy access through inferior windows can make your home a target for theft. You can protect your home and family with secure windows and premium glass.

Weighing up whether to replace the entire window or just the glass

If your glass has smashed and your window framing has a few issues or is old, it’s probably time to update it with a newer version. While the cost is an upfront outlay, it can help to boost the efficiency of your home, which can save you a considerable amount of money in the long term, plus all the other benefits we’ve mentioned above.

If you’re looking to update the windows around your home, look no further than our highly skilled team of qualified glaziers here at True Blue Glass. We cover everything from emergency glass repairs to replacements and so much more. Contact us today if you’d like more information.

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