leather chesterfield sofa

Everything in this universe has a period to be in its initial stage. If we take care of the things that we buy and look after as required, it will last longer. But if it is left as it is and used roughly, then the process of wear and tear will start soon. Take the leather chesterfield sofa as a primary example. If you have this sofa in your living room, it is most likely to be used by all in the family, so looking after it is necessary. The leather will wear out soon if we don’t follow the industrial process to revive it.

To ease the process, we have listed a few dos and don’ts so you can take care of the leather sofa you have. Let us discuss some dos first, then will cover the don’ts.


Your leather sofa is a considerable investment that usually lasts a lifetime. It will get better with age, but only if you take care of it properly.

  1. Clean the dust:

The very foremost thing to do daily is to keep the leather chesterfield sofa dust free. It would be best if you daily did the dusting with a delicate soft muslin cloth with fewer abrasions, preferably new. It will not only make it shine, but the soft new material will not create abrade marks. This way, your leather will remain safe and will last longer.

  1. Do plump it:

Another way of maintaining the current state is to plump the sofa cushions and seats regularly.  Please pick up the pillows and plump them up with your hands making sure not to flog them. Moreover, do a regular soft plumping of the chairs and backside to maintain the softness and regulate the fibre inside.

  1. Test your products:

Always test your products before you apply them on the leather sofa. Apply the product on a small part of the sofa, preferably the back and see the result. If the product does not damage anything, then use it all over.

  1. Cover it:

There are various fancy sofa covers available in the market. If you have a living room where you have kept the sofa, and the space is sparsely used, cover the couch with any sofa cover. It will increase the lifespan of the leather chesterfield sofa of any colour you have.

  1. Take off the stains:

A sofa is prone to spilling drinks, alcohol, fizz or ink. The best is to never rub it off with the extra clothes, but first dab it gently. After this step, take a block of soap and rub gently in water to foam studs and with that water, rub the stained patch. Later dry it off with a rough cloth and moisten it for the final touch.


Various actions are deemed unnecessary and dangerous for the leather chesterfield sofa. Here’s the list for you to avoid them.

  1. Harsh products:

It is strongly advised not to use harsh products on the leather sofa. You will find loads of chemical loaded products that entail that they are equipped with the best cleaning agents, which is entirely false.  The potential chemicals will erase the shine and leave marks on the sofa, which you cannot reverse.

  1. Say no to the sun:

It may seem odd to you, but sometimes saying no to the sun is beneficial for a leather sofa. Do not keep your sofa directly under the sun’s glare, as the leather chesterfield sofa will stiffen and crack with time.

  1. Keep the pets away:

Another action that will save you tons of wealth is to keep the pets away from the leather sofa. Their paws usually leave a scratch behind, which will make holes in the leather and wear off quickly. The result is that you buy another leather sofa.

  1. metals:

Try to keep the metallic things away as well. The buttons, belts, buckles and pins are an obvious danger to the leather. So try to keep all these things in a basket if you are sitting and working on the sofa. With that, take it away quickly to avoid danger.

  1. Avoid the spot:

Try to try on the various spots on the sofa. Avoid sitting in one place as when you relax and sit in the same place, the springs give way, and the area becomes soft. The fibres are destroyed, and the sofa will look unequal and will be challenging to sit on.

  1. Move it carefully:

We tend to change or move furniture over time. It may be the arrangement or moving into a new house. Always move the table safely and without banging it against the walls as the walls can be repaired, but the furniture like sofa, if there is a den, will remain there permanently.

What to choose?

All these points are critical as acting upon them will save the furniture and leave them new with time. Take extra precautions if you have a heavy footfall in your house, so the furniture lasts longer.


Leather chesterfield sofas are easy to take care of if handled properly, and you know what to do. Moreover, take help from the points given above and see the difference in the leather sofa you have at home or the office. Usually, furniture is a one-time investment, so make sure to spend the money wisely.