Pro Tips For Placing 6×9 Rugs In Your Home’s Décor!

Every home has unique dimensions and architectural parameters that dictate décor concepts and themes, and this sometimes means that you’ll need to consider non-traditional area rug sizes to properly fit your residential spaces.

Some of the most common area rug sizes include 7×10 and 5×8, but there’s also a lot to love about 6×9 rugs in terms of decorating living, dining, outdoor areas and bedrooms. If you’re currently confused about which rug size is best for your home, then you should know that you’re definitely not alone.

We’ve partnered up with the rug industry specialists at Rug Source, Inc. to provide you with some of their professional tips about placing 6×9 area rugs within your home’s décor, so check out the below sections to see what the rug pros say about using this very unique rug size!

How Are You Supposed To Measure Rooms For A New Area Rug?

The very first step of implementing a 6×9 rug into your home is to properly measure out your desired space to better understand if this is actually the right rug size for your next purchase. Measuring rooms is crucial no matter what area rug size you’re interested in, and neglecting these measurements also just so happens to be one of the biggest mistakes that rug shoppers make!

In order to properly measure your room for a new area rug, you’ll need the following:

  • Pen
  • Measuring tape
  • Painter’s tape

There are also some standard steps that you should take while measuring your room for a new rug, which include:

  • Place your furniture in the way that you’d like it to be oriented around your new rug.
  • Pull out chairs if you’re measuring your dining room (you’ll want your new rug to be large enough to be under pulled-out chairs).
  • For living room rugs, simply arrange your furniture as you normally would.
  • Frame the desired rug area with your painter’s tape, and make sure the furniture is at least slightly touching the area rug.
  • Carefully measure out this specific space with your measuring tape, and write down the dimensions that you get.

You’ll be surprised by how often 6×9 rugs will be the perfect size for your home’s décor, but there are many rug dimensions that might be a good option as well. The important thing here is that you’ll be doing your homework by making these important measurements, and you’ll know exactly which rug size you should buy!

Common Ways To Use 6×9 Rugs In Your Home’s Décor

What’s really nice about 6×9 area rugs is that they come in a rectangular shape that matches the dimensions of most bedrooms, outdoor seating areas, living rooms and dining rooms.

6×9 rugs are growing in popularity among rug shoppers nationwide, and some of the most common ways to use 6×9 rugs within your home’s décor include:

Rug Layering

Rug layering is an incredibly popular interior design trend that features placing two or more area rugs on top of each other to develop a uniquely layered floor aesthetic. When you consider rug layering at your home, you’ll open many doors to free up your personal expression and showcase your personality.

If your home has larger rooms, 6×9 rugs are a great option as a textured top piece that’ll go above a larger area rug!

Smaller Living Rooms

6×9 rugs are also a great option if your home’s living room is on the smaller side; however, 6×9 rugs are also good options within many standard and even larger living rooms as well.

Consider choosing a soft, medium-pile rug featuring subtle colors to highlight your living room’s furniture and natural lighting.

Sitting Rooms

Sunrooms and sitting rooms always need floor décor, and these residential spaces are often the perfect size for 6×9 area rugs.

Consider a bright blue rug for your home’s sitting rooms to contrast the bright sunlight that’ll come through these spaces. Brighter area rugs are also a great option for sitting rooms because they create a warm, inviting ambience for your friends and guests.

Outdoor Seating Spaces

Outdoor area rugs are becoming wildly popular, and this is partly because there are tons of options of indoor-outdoor rugs that both look great and can stand up to the elements. You’ll be surprised by just how stylish outdoor rugs are, and 6×9 outdoor rugs are one of the most popular options among today’s rug shoppers.

This home décor idea is great for the summer months when you’re hosting guests outside and want to implement a cozier aesthetic.


6×9 area rugs are also a great option for bedrooms, and this is particularly the case when you’re hoping to place a rug at the foot of your bed. 6×9 is the perfect size to go at the foot of both king and queen-sized beds, and it’ll help you develop a cohesive décor that matches the rest of your bedroom’s furniture.

A good idea for placing 6×9 rugs at the foot of your bed is to complement this rug with narrow runner rugs along the sides of your bed!

Reach Out To Rug Source, Inc. When You’re Looking For Affordable 6×9 Rugs Online!

There’s a lot to love about 6×9 rugs, and it’s normal if you’re looking for your next area rug purchases on the internet. Web shopping is what the majority of rug shoppers are doing these days, and this makes your online outlet incredibly important.

One of the best rug outlets on the Web is Rug Source, and the Rug Source specialists are always available to answer your questions and guide you toward a 6×9 rug purchase that matches your home’s décor and personal budget.

You can get in touch with the Rug Source team when you go to the link located at the top of this page to see their vast inventory of 6×9 area rugs!