Smashed Glass? Should you replace the glass or the entire window?

It’s not uncommon for glass to get smashed, whether it’s from a storm, cricket ball or something in between. Broken glass should never be left, but does just the glass panel alone have to be replaced or the entire window? In his post, we’ll answer this question and more to help you determine what kind of service you need to book when dealing with smashed glass at your place.

Glass replacement vs window replacement

Here are some things to look at when deciding whether only the glass needs to be replaced or the whole window.

The glass is broken, but the window frame is in otherwise good condition

If your window frames are in good working order and it’s only the smashed glass that needs replacing, then a glass replacement should be enough in this instance. This is much cheaper, and if the broken glass pane is old and outdated, this is a good opportunity to update it with quality glass. Quality glass offers numerous benefits, including limiting the amount of heat that transfers between the home and outside and blocking out harmful UV rays, which can cause fading and discolouration to furniture and carpet. The glazier will ensure there are no gaps between your existing frame and the new glass by installing weather stripping and caulking. This can put a stop to drafts and help to provide the best thermal protection. If your frame has seen better days, putting new glass in it will fix the cosmetic and safety element but, you may not fully prevent drafts or heat from transferring.

Before your glass got broken, it was showing signs of wear

It can be hard to recognise flaws in your glass when you are not sure what you’re looking for. There are some tell-tale signs that the quality of your glass is compromised. Some of these are drafts coming through the glass, condensation, and foggy looking windows. These problems may be caused by something as minor as broken seals or caulking or something more significant such as the window framing itself. To determine the cause, it’s best to call in a professional glazier, they can tell you exactly what’s creating the issue and how to fix it. If all your windows are like this, it is worth considering updating them all when you can. This can help to cut down on your quarterly energy bills and make your home more comfortable during the cold and warm seasons. Getting them all done at once can be more cost-effective than getting them done one at a time.

Common questions we get about smashed glass

Can you repair a smashed glass window?

No, a smashed window will need to be replaced.

Can I fix a smashed windowpane myself?

If the window has a small crack, yes you may be able to repair it yourself, however, this should only be a temporary measure until you can get it replaced. A smashed window is a different story. Large shards of glass pose a major safety risk, especially if it is old glass that does not meet current Australian standards. If you have safety glass and your window has been smashed, leaving it as-is will leave your home vulnerable to the elements as well as potential break and enters.

How long will it take to get someone to come out and fix my smashed window?

You’ll find that most glazing companies offer a 24/7 emergency glass service, and this allows you to contact them any time, day or night, and they will come out to replace your glass as soon as possible.

Benefits of updating both the glass and windows when needed

Lower energy costs

The biggest one, as mentioned, is the cost-saving benefits. Your heating and cooling works far better when you have quality glass and window fittings in place. It minimises the amount of heat that transfers through the glass, and therefore your heating and cooling doesn’t have to work for as long or hard to maintain a desired temperature within the home.

Can add value to your property

People are more earth-conscious than they’ve ever been, and quality windows can be a selling point to prospective home buyers and, in turn, make your home more valuable. Not only that, but modern-day fittings look more appealing and can boost your property’s curb appeal.

Makes your home safer

The harder your home is to break into, the less likely burglars are going to try to. Easy access through inferior windows can make your home a target for theft. You can protect your home and family with secure windows and premium glass.

Weighing up whether to replace the entire window or just the glass

If your glass has smashed and your window framing has a few issues or is old, it’s probably time to update it with a newer version. While the cost is an upfront outlay, it can help to boost the efficiency of your home, which can save you a considerable amount of money in the long term, plus all the other benefits we’ve mentioned above.

If you’re looking to update the windows around your home, look no further than our highly skilled team of qualified glaziers here at True Blue Glass. We cover everything from emergency glass repairs to replacements and so much more. Contact us today if you’d like more information.